Last week, we introduced you to Phenomenal–one sad sad adDekkted, Grace Juice-suckin’ puppy–and now we give you Chandor. Close  your eyes and allow yourself to be swept into this journey of discovery as you take the next step of recovering from your AdDekktion.

Realizing the Benefits of your AdDekktion

Phen posted his Confessions last week, so now it is time that I let you know more about myself.

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I picked up that first jacketed hardcover.  As the shiny new cover caught the light, a riddle was revealed.

Born of Black and White. Eaten with Worms. I’m a Saint, a Sinner, a Siren of the Word. The Circle knows me. The rest just wanna trip on Grace Juice, Baby. Showdown at Midnight.

The author’s name sounded familiar. I’d worked in this bookstore for almost three months now, and I’d seen many customers flock to read his books. I’d always been a reader. From age 4, I devoured books. Mysteries were my favorite. Books full of action, suspense, and intrigue. It’d been a while since I’d indulged this need of mine. This need for a good story full of twists and turns. A trip, so to speak. Yes, I needed a good trip.

And here it was, right in front of me, a book clearly wanting to take me on a “trip.”


Myself, and a few of my coworkers all embarked on this SHOWDOWN between good and evil together. I finished first. I still remember that moment when the whole story flipped on its head. It was the same moment I realized I must definitely continue reading what this author has written. Who was Thomas Hunter?

That was the question I was left with when I finished the story. I figured I could find the answers I was looking for on this fantastic author’s website, thus, I joined The Circle. I had fruit thrown at me, and I was encouraged to read these odd books called BLACK, RED, and WHITE. Over the next 3 months, I read THR3E, BLINK, OBSESSED, the CIRCLE TRILOGY and HOUSE all the while eagerly discussing with my coworkers and this online community that was passionate about God and a good story.  In short, I was AdDekkted.

I started sharing my books with my mom.  She’s the source of my “reader genes” and like I suspected, she fell prey to this AdDekktion, too.  I started waiting for my next fix ever so impatiently.  In the month leading up to a new novel, I’d check the site every day to see if anyone had found it yet in stores, and I checked my sources at our own store.  Every box in the backroom from Thomas Nelson got opened prematurely by this over-eager sales clerk.

Over the next few years, I tore through SAINT, SKIN, CHOSEN, INFIDEL, ADAM, RENEGADE, CHAOS, SINNER, KISS, an ARC of BONEMAN’S DAUGHTERS, LUNATIC & ELYON.  I even started to wear a symbol of my AdDekktion around my neck.  A circle of GREEN, surrounding a field of BLACK, where a RED cross overcomes the darkness, and gives way to a center of WHITE.  Many ask about it, and I tell them it’s a symbol of our redemption, as told by one of our greatest Storytellers.

Circle Pendant

I continued to get to know my fellow AdDekkts from all over the world, but I also sought to get others AdDekkted.  I got my friend to read BLACK after much persistence.  After a few days, he informed me that I had created a monster.  He quickly consumed the rest of the BOOKS OF HISTORY CHRONICLES.  With a 2/2 success rate, I was emboldened.  I picked up 3 copies of my favorite story, THE CIRCLE TRILOGY, and started giving it to friends that also loved a good story.  The virus was spreading, and the only relief to this AdDekktion was another trip.  Even my younger brother got into the action.  Surrounding myself with others who shared this love of story with me made me feel a little more… sane.  Yes, I could introduce others to this Storyteller and not feel so alone when I wanted to talk about these tomes.  But still, I had this need to meet others.  These friends I had made from our online Circle.

Then, the day finally arrived.  The day I would spend in pure bliss with my fellow AdDekkts and our Storyteller.  The Gathering.

Me and my fellow AdDekktsMy AdDekktion culminated in this weekend.  In a state I’d never visited, with a group of people I had only met online.  We traveled hundreds and thousands of miles to come together, but I swear, we’re not a cult.  Well…

Together, we laughed, we rejoiced, we celebrated the Great Romance that had brought us back to our Creator.  This. This was why life is lived.  To know our Creator and celebrate our redemption.  Meeting the Storyteller face to face and communicating just a fraction of what these stories have meant to me was huge.

Jami Sue and I at the Gathering

All of us who gathered that weekend, also got the chance to read BURN.  This story, wow.  What a powerful picture!  What a great parable!  For the first time in year, I had the chance to read a story that I had zero expectations about.  There was no synopsis on the back cover.  There were no reviews to taint my perspective.  It was just me and a story.  And I loved it.

In the meantime, an AdDekkt I had never met in person asked me a question that changed the course of my future.  After discovering our shared passion for social justice, she offered me to come out to DC to participate in an urban ministry program, serving this same Creator by loving others and being the hands and feet of Jesus in a broken world.  I accepted her offer to come to yet another place I’d never been before, and now I am proud to say she’s not just a person online, but a real and true friend.

Once I arrived back home, my job at the bookstore started again, and it paid off in letting me read the ultimate story before hardly anyone else.  The rush of holding GREEN in my hands and turning its action-packed pages before most any other AdDekkt was exhilirating.

Now, I’ve joined in with yet another AdDekkt, Phenomenal, to work on this labor of love where all things Dekker can be presented in a fun and entertaining way so that others can find their “next Dekkie fix”.


It’s my pleasure to bring to you one of this blog’s features I’m most excited about. Every Thursday we’ll bring you one of Ted’s deepest, most profound quotes and elaborate on it in our own thoughts and musings. Here’s one from Showdown. Enjoy. Leave a comment.

Showdown quote

1. Write to discover.

If you are a writer, then you know how it feels to put the pencil to paper and pour all your creativity and heart onto that page. It’s a discovery process. I know that while writing some of my own works I have found out a lot about myself, just through my own characters and scenes. When you’re writing, you’re taking that journey too. Sure, you are in control of the actions taken throughout the book, but in the end, you are never certain of what you may truly discover.

Discover – to see, get knowledge of, learn of, find, or find out; gain sight or knowledge of (something previously unseen or unknown)

2. There is no greater discovery than love.

Discovery is beautiful. It is truly breathtaking when you find yourself on the verge of darkness and confusion, and there, in the midst of all pain, blossoms understanding and love. What is greater than this? Surely, there can be nothing worth more than discovering love and hope. No worms or Grace Juice can compare. Who would want to end their story with a discovery of nothing but death and hatred? What satisfaction would you find in it?

3. All love comes from the Creator.

So, if the greatest discovery is love, and all love comes from the Creator, Elyon, then when you discover, you are finding Him. Let’s apply this to our definition of discover.

Discover – to see love and our Creator, get knowledge of love and our Creator, learn of love and our Creator, find love and our Creator, or find out about love and our Creator; gain sight or knowledge of love and our Creator (something previously unseen or unknown)

4. Write what you will.

We have creative freedom to write what we please, to explore all the questions that may plague our minds and all the dark corners in man’s heart. In the end, though, we will discover. So, don’t be afraid to write what’s on your mind. You may just end up making the greatest discovery.

The rules reflected the students’ purpose in their studies, certainly, but even more so in their lives as a whole. They were often encouraged to substitute the word live for the word write. Live to discover, as long as discovery leads to a love from the Creator.”
Ted Dekker, Showdown

Live to discover, as long as discovery leads to a love from the Creator.


What’s crackin’, Dekkies? :D As part of the new blog format, every Wednesday we’ll display comics, parodies, and other various humorous things. And today I present to you a comic drawn by yours truly, parodying Ted’s Paradise novels. The truth shall be revealed.Mask

There you have it. The truth behind Marsuvees Black. Yes, he is Ted Dekker. (Yeah, I know the comic looks a little rough. I’ll fix it later. >>) Hope you enjoyed. Leave a comment. Or shoot an email to if you have any thoughts or ideas you want to share.