Before I read Green, my favorite color was red. Now I’m not so sure…


Green is Ted’s latest offering in the Books of History Chronicles, wrapping up loose ends from the original Circle trilogy, the Paradise Novels, and the Lost Books. It is the beginning and the end. A tale full of blood, war, and intoxicating love. It may sound like an 0xy-moron, but Ted manages to pull it off with the usual heart-stomping Dekker signature.

Some may argue about how dark the story is, or how some plot elements just don’t work, or how many theological problems may pop up here and there. But I think that they’ve lost the meaning of this piece of art in translation.

At the heart of this novel are the elegantly-sung words, “You are beautiful… So beautiful… Beautiful.” This novel encapsulates that theme, even in the most hopeless of times, and Dekker brings to light his most soul-wrenching, ambitous story to date. Pick up your copy as soon as you can, and open your eyes to the world of colors, where even the smallest soul is at the largest stake.

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What’s crackin’, Dekkies? :D As part of the new blog format, every Wednesday we’ll display comics, parodies, and other various humorous things. And today I present to you a comic drawn by yours truly, parodying Ted’s Paradise novels. The truth shall be revealed.Mask

There you have it. The truth behind Marsuvees Black. Yes, he is Ted Dekker. (Yeah, I know the comic looks a little rough. I’ll fix it later. >>) Hope you enjoyed. Leave a comment. Or shoot an email to if you have any thoughts or ideas you want to share.