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TOP STORY:  This week, the efforts of the Forest Guard were greatly rewarded:


Kevin Kaiser tweeted on Wednesday afternoon

Just got news that Green hit the NYT Bestsellers list (#20). Thx to everyone who helped make that happen!

We did it! Granted, it’s not #1 (some day, folks), but still this means that all of us encouraging our friends to give the Circle a chance has really paid off. The story of our redemption is out there and getting noticed.

FLASH FICTION:  Ted poked his head out of his undisclosed location this week in order to share his shortest piece of fiction to date. I present to you The Gunslinger.  Despite how brief the story is, many of Dekker’s fans are pulling out nuggets of truth embedded within the snapshot of a tale. 

IMMANUEL’S VEINS: This week was a slow news week when it came to new clues as to Ted’s upcoming novel.  Pretty much what we’ve uncovered over the past few months have this novel set in the 1500’s and including “non-Twilight” vampires. 

The online debate continued on Facebook and on The Circle.  Most of Ted’s fans are fine with evil being portrayed in a realistic way as to contrast with the light and make it appear all the more good.  Some seem to question whether vampires are in this novel primarily because their “popular” right now.  Or does the current popularity of vampires make a Dekker novel about them all the more relevant to a world that needs to hear the truth?

FOREST GUARD: This week we were introduced to a BONUS MISSION along with a special audio message from Ted thanking us for all our hard work promoting Green. For this extra mission, members of the guard can earn bonus points for posting reviews of Green on sites like,,, and other online booksellers.  All we have to do is post our reviews, then submit a report with links.  So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and write a review!

BURN:  Only 121 more days until the release of Ted’s next novel.  As we’ve previously reported, Burn is Dekker’s second collaboration with Erin Healy.  The hundreds of fans who attended this year’s Gathering have already devoured this instant classic.  As one of those fans, I can’t wait for everyone else to get a chance to immerse themselves in this story.  This is one of the best “stand-alone” novels that Ted has ever done.  He and Erin have penned a masterpiece together and in just 4 months, the world will get a taste of what happens when you have to choose between your own wants and sacrificing for another. 

TEA WITH HEZBOLLAH:  January 2010 is a big month for Ted.  Not only will we see the release of Burn but we will also be treated to what I can only assume will be a worldview-rocking non-fiction book:  Tea With Hezbollah.  We’re keeping a close eye for any excerpts or more information on this one.  I am excited for the discussion this book will inspire. 


And now here’s your weekly recap:

Music Monday: “Fire it Up” – Thousand Foot Krutch
Ted-Inspired Tuesday: “Name’s Black… Marsuvees Black”
Wacky Wednesdays: Confessions of an AdDekkt
Thoughtful Thursdays: Through the Looking Glass
First-Look Fridays: Going Green!

Phen and I have another great week of posts planned, so stay tuned. 

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Before I read Green, my favorite color was red. Now I’m not so sure…


Green is Ted’s latest offering in the Books of History Chronicles, wrapping up loose ends from the original Circle trilogy, the Paradise Novels, and the Lost Books. It is the beginning and the end. A tale full of blood, war, and intoxicating love. It may sound like an 0xy-moron, but Ted manages to pull it off with the usual heart-stomping Dekker signature.

Some may argue about how dark the story is, or how some plot elements just don’t work, or how many theological problems may pop up here and there. But I think that they’ve lost the meaning of this piece of art in translation.

At the heart of this novel are the elegantly-sung words, “You are beautiful… So beautiful… Beautiful.” This novel encapsulates that theme, even in the most hopeless of times, and Dekker brings to light his most soul-wrenching, ambitous story to date. Pick up your copy as soon as you can, and open your eyes to the world of colors, where even the smallest soul is at the largest stake.

For more reviews of Green, click here. And check out Ted’s latest flash fiction posted today on his Facebook, “The Gunslinger”! Also, you can now subscribe to the blog by email! Just click here and put your email in. If you have any other suggestions, just shoot us an email at

Today the Forest Guard Chronicles brings you an exclusive Ted-Inspired work from Justin Buus, also known to some of you as NinjArtist on the Circle. Yes, he is a ninja AND an artist. And now I present to you . . .


Amazing, no? You can click here for a larger version of the image, or you can click here for an alternate version with the poem from Showdown on it.

If you want to see more of Justin’s work, including a sneak preview at his graphic novel-in-progress Holy Darkness, you can visit his Circle page. Here’s another of my favorite pieces of his.

Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment. And if you have anything you want to be featured on this blog, shoot us an email at :)

(Updated with links to the larger/alternate versions now! Sorry about that.)


LOTS of news this week with the release of Green, of course. Let’s start there.

GREEN.jpg picture by mister_phenomenal

GREEN: If you haven’t bought your copy yet, then you must be mentally insane! What are you doing sitting here on your bum in front of your computer? Go to the nearest bookstore now. Anyway, for those who have read it, you should check out these links for what Ted has to say.

“So… GREEN is available Tuesday everywhere. And I will be available no where. I will lock the door on that secret room and allow only the butler in with food and drink for seven days. I will have to become obsessed. Now we will see who is alive. Have you ever been obsessed about something? (Y or N) Then who or what? Let this be your living confession. Be heard or be dead.” –Ted Dekker, via Facebook

Check out Ted’s newest blog HERE for his thoughts on Green being the first and the last book of the series. Where do you take your stance on The Great Green Debate? Also, check out HERE and HERE for more discussion on the subject. Beware of MAJOR SPOILERS though.

When you’re done looking through that, check out this awesome radio interview Ted recently did, discussing Green, evil, and a lot of other interesting topics. Just click HERE.

IMMANUEL’S VEINS: Well, Ted’s “off the grid and hooked up to an IV” (Kevin Kaiser, via Ted’s FB). He’s been busy writing, writing, and writing some more of Immanuel’s Veins, and now we have a few more details for you to salivate over.

“Ted is dropping off the grid this week to go write IV. Only a handful people will even know where he is hiding, but that’s good. He has a lot to get done in a short amount of time. And that means total immersion. The book is working out great and this will definitely be one that fans of his fantasy novels will sink their fan–, er, teeth into.” –Kevin Kaiser, via his blog

First of all, we already know that it’s set in the 1500s, it’s the backdrop of all the Books of History Chronicles, and now . . . it’s a vampire novel (or should I say, a Leedhan novel).

“So, Ted’s still locked away in an undisclosed location working on Immanuel’s Veins, which comes out August 2010. Yes, it has vampires in it. And, yes, it will be epic. He read some of it to me this morning and I think it’s going to be an amazing ride. Different, but in a good way…

For all of you who are wondering if it’s anything like Twilight, I can tell you DEFINITIVELY that the answer is no. IV is uniquely Dekker all the way through. The only similarity to Twilight is that Ted spells the word “vampire” the same way Stephenie Meyer does. Other than that…totally different.” –Kevin Kaiser, via Ted’s FB

FOREST GUARD: Well, the last mission is a go! Get as many people as you can to download an ebook version of Black, the first in the Circle Series.

If you want to help me out, you can download it HERE with my code 6228. :P

OTHER: Kevin posted a bunch of updates on all things Ted on his blog HERE. You can find out what’s going on with the BoH-related stage production, as well as some news on Tea with Hezbollah, and a Circle animated series! Also, I’d keep an eye on his blog if you want to be the next Ted Dekker. You a writer. Then your time has come. Check out your opportunity HERE.

Ted slipped out of hiding yesterday to say some words on Facebook.

“I come to you from my room, for your help; I must know. Do you believe that A) The Mythos of Vampires (meaning that seductive power of tangible evil that wooed Eve into taking her first bite of the apple, that wolf in sheep’s clothing) is real? Or B) That seductive story has no place in our UnderGround because evil is only a figment, best kept under sheep’s clothing? A or B, my friends, because some seem confused.

For a while I was worried! Yet some still say, “I believe in the wolf in sheep’s clothing, but please don’t show us that wolf! Don’t let the serpent beguile, don’t let the wolf bite.” Sly wolf, seductive serpent, alluring vampire, they are all one. They walk amongst us, and we do not want to see; but I will unmask him that you might bind him with me. Yet some will still say: NO WOLVES! NO SERPENTS! NO VAMPIRES! Sigh.” —Ted Dekker, via Facebook

For a limited time, Kevin Kaiser had posted The Bride Collector cover on his blog, but our investigative photographer from the Circle (living_aLOUD), got it for us, and you can check that out in our previous post HERE.

Last but not least, Ted will be debuting a piece of flash fiction as soon as he comes back, so stay tuned for that!

“Ted sends his greetings and wants you to know that he’s doing well, but hasn’t left the hotel room where he’s been holed up for days. He’ll see you all soon, and when he returns he’ll bring back a little offering of thanks for letting him disappear for awhile: a Dekker original piece of flash fiction that he’s titled “The Gunslinger.” Coming in a few days.” –Kevin Kaiser, via Facebook

And now here’s your weekly recap.

Music Monday: “Invincible” – Muse
Ted-Inspired Tuesday: It Came From Other-Earth! and When Retailers Get “Inspired”
Wacky Wednesdays: Green Power
Thoughtful Thursdays: To Hold His Hand
First-Look Fridays: TBC Preview

Today’s Wacky Wednesday brings you some humorous images in celebration of Green’s release! Enjoy! Leave a comment.


circle power

And watch my Green Water advertisement if you already haven’t here! Don’t forget to run out and buy your copy of Green, by the way! And if you have your copy already, send in a picture of you with it to and we’ll post it on Sunday. :)


In honor of Green’s release, today’s Ted-Inspired Tuesday brings you the whimsical, colorful art of Other-Earth, as drawn by DarthxErik. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment!




You can check out more of DarthxErik’s amazing work here!

And don’t forget to run out to your local bookstore and buy Green today! :)


What’s trippin’, Circle peeps? Well, this week has been the penultimate week, all leading up to the release of Green, so we have a few morsels for you. Enjoy!

FACEBOOK: Ted has updated quite a few times over the week. Hear what he has to say.

“So many questions, many had me chuckling. I want to answer them all! I want to take each of you aside and tell you what you want to know. But this time only one unlocks my mind. 327. The question and my answer is in the comments, near the end of the questions. I give you an answer that will upset some. But that’s how it will always be in our Underground.

The number 327 has opened my mind. JoAnn asks what advice I would give to a couple struggling to show love to each other.

I give you an answer that will earn me hate mail from some. Many have been deceived.

Love is not Choice. It is “A profound, tender, passionate affection for another.” The choice is to love, not love itself.

When you love a baby, it’s your tender words and kisses that positively shapes the child, not just the choice you make to care for it. The latter might raise only a monster, perhaps there are a few living on this page.

Find love, then show it. CHOOSE to fall in love again! Love as you would like to be loved, as Jesus says.

Choose to turn your heart to that other and then begin a search for the emotion that draws you to them. You could indeed love a monster if you CHOSE to. Find that attraction for your lover. Now express that love in extravagant ways that rewards it.

The baby smiles at the smile, not your decision to smile.

Now, love the world.”
Ted Dekker, via Facebook

“I have chosen you; You have chosen me; We are both chosen. The question remains which image should now be chosen: A, B, or C? Speak now, be heard.”




Ted later said the first was chosen. Looks like there will be new versions of the Lost Books coming out soon!

“As we get to know each other in this Underground, it becomes plain that some of you don’t know me at all. Bob Bloop (name changed) writes that my use of numbers and gaming here is unlike me and pretentious. So not true. Who am I? To own or not. Which do you think is me today, A, B or C?

The consensus is correct. I do have a Harley in my garage. On four wheels, I drive a BMW M6. You know me better that most. So then the publisher has agreed to go with your choice of cover for Chosen as well–the first, which sets the theme for all six in the series. Thank you for speaking. You have been heard.”
Ted, via Facebook

“So… GREEN is available Tuesday everywhere. And I will be available no where. I will lock the door on that secret room and allow only the butler in with food and drink for seven days. I will have to become obsessed. Now we will see who is alive. Have you ever been obsessed about something? (Y or N) Then who or what? Let this be your living confession. Be heard or be dead.”
Ted Dekker, via Facebook

GREEN: There are quite a few more reviews out there now that we’re only two days away from Green‘s release. You can check out Fiction Addict’s review here, by Jake Chism. And you can find The Christian Manifesto’s review here, by Matthew Robbins. I can totally assure you that those two reviews are spoiler-free. You can also find some reviews on Green‘s Amazon page here. But beware of spoilers.

Also, Ted has posted a thread on the Circle regarding some concerns several have had after reading Green. Here and here. There’s some more good discussion of all things BoH-related floating around their too, so check it out. BEWARE OF MAJOR SPOILERS THOUGH. I’ve had most of Green spoiled for me just by perusing some threads and sites for news.

Tea with Hezbollah: Ted’s next non-fiction book, about his trip last year to the Middle East with Carl Medearis, is set to release January 26, 2010, and you can now preorder it on Amazon here. The cover art is up too.

Kudos to Andrew for uncovering that. You can also preorder Burn from Amazon too, by the way, if you didn’t know. Here.

BLOG: Well, if you haven’t noticed, Andrew and I brainstormed a bit, and we came up with this new weekly format for the blog, to better involve you and deliver you more content. Here’s this week’s recap.

Music Mondays: “Jamboree” – John Reuben
Ted- Inspired Tuesdays: “Sinner” by Aleena Korell
Wacky Wednesdays: “Mask” comic strip by Brandon “Phen” V (me)
Thoughtful Thursdays: “Writing, Discovery, and Grace Juice” by me
First-Look Fridays: “Awake by Skillet” Review by Andrew “Chandor” A.

Hope you enjoyed! And stay tuned this week for even more content, exclusive to the Forest Guard Chronicles.


And don’t forget to run out and buy your copy of Green on Tuesday!