TDT 9-13

TOP STORY:  This week, the efforts of the Forest Guard were greatly rewarded:


Kevin Kaiser tweeted on Wednesday afternoon

Just got news that Green hit the NYT Bestsellers list (#20). Thx to everyone who helped make that happen!

We did it! Granted, it’s not #1 (some day, folks), but still this means that all of us encouraging our friends to give the Circle a chance has really paid off. The story of our redemption is out there and getting noticed.

FLASH FICTION:  Ted poked his head out of his undisclosed location this week in order to share his shortest piece of fiction to date. I present to you The Gunslinger.  Despite how brief the story is, many of Dekker’s fans are pulling out nuggets of truth embedded within the snapshot of a tale. 

IMMANUEL’S VEINS: This week was a slow news week when it came to new clues as to Ted’s upcoming novel.  Pretty much what we’ve uncovered over the past few months have this novel set in the 1500’s and including “non-Twilight” vampires. 

The online debate continued on Facebook and on The Circle.  Most of Ted’s fans are fine with evil being portrayed in a realistic way as to contrast with the light and make it appear all the more good.  Some seem to question whether vampires are in this novel primarily because their “popular” right now.  Or does the current popularity of vampires make a Dekker novel about them all the more relevant to a world that needs to hear the truth?

FOREST GUARD: This week we were introduced to a BONUS MISSION along with a special audio message from Ted thanking us for all our hard work promoting Green. For this extra mission, members of the guard can earn bonus points for posting reviews of Green on sites like,,, and other online booksellers.  All we have to do is post our reviews, then submit a report with links.  So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and write a review!

BURN:  Only 121 more days until the release of Ted’s next novel.  As we’ve previously reported, Burn is Dekker’s second collaboration with Erin Healy.  The hundreds of fans who attended this year’s Gathering have already devoured this instant classic.  As one of those fans, I can’t wait for everyone else to get a chance to immerse themselves in this story.  This is one of the best “stand-alone” novels that Ted has ever done.  He and Erin have penned a masterpiece together and in just 4 months, the world will get a taste of what happens when you have to choose between your own wants and sacrificing for another. 

TEA WITH HEZBOLLAH:  January 2010 is a big month for Ted.  Not only will we see the release of Burn but we will also be treated to what I can only assume will be a worldview-rocking non-fiction book:  Tea With Hezbollah.  We’re keeping a close eye for any excerpts or more information on this one.  I am excited for the discussion this book will inspire. 


And now here’s your weekly recap:

Music Monday: “Fire it Up” – Thousand Foot Krutch
Ted-Inspired Tuesday: “Name’s Black… Marsuvees Black”
Wacky Wednesdays: Confessions of an AdDekkt
Thoughtful Thursdays: Through the Looking Glass
First-Look Fridays: Going Green!

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Kiss Away the Pain

There are defining moments in every person’s life, whether it be the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one, or a beautiful wedding. We center every part of our being around these few scarce incidents and build our lives–past, present, and future–around them…

Everybody has a past, and it’s something you can’t exactly erase from existence. That one small mistake that turned out much larger. Those kids that used to make fun of you in high school. The divorce of your parents. It can all build up and eat us up, from the inside-out, destroying the very fiber of who we are and who we were created to be. We can choose the pain of those things that tore through our lives like a tornado . . . Or we can choose perspective. “Pain or perspective.”

You choose pain–you choose to fight it, deny it, bury it…”

You may grapple and wrestle and tear apart those actions in your mind, piece-by-piece, but it will bring you no good. No matter how much you may deny what has happened it will always continue to stay the same. The past doesn’t change. Bury it alive, but it’ll come back from the grave to haunt you one day. And you . . . you will always carry the burden, the pain, and your life will slowly deteriorate, hopeless and alone.

But you choose perspective–embrace your history, give it credit for the better person it can make you, scars and all.”

Breathe in. You are still alive, aren’t you? You may bear the scars of times past, but you have been granted something greater than any tragedy can take from you. Life. Embrace your history, and dance with your Creator, for He has given you another chance, another day, to change things and make the future so much brighter. Learn from the mistakes, and don’t bear the pain already bore for you. You can become a better person now.

Laugh. Smile. Live. Look through the glass of perspective, not pain.

He wants you to remember who delivered you from that time . . . That’s the point of holding onto that memory: delivery, not darkness.” –Ted Dekker, Kiss