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Here are some of the Green reviews that we have compiled up until this point.  We will continue to update this post as more reviews come in.  If you have a review you’d like to share with us, please e-mail me @ ScribesofOE@gmail.com
The VERY first review of Green posted anywhere on the Internet was this one and we had it here first.

Fiction Addict posted their own review here.

The Christian Manifesto gave their take on it here.

Library Journal had this to say:

“Dekker’s prequel/sequel to his “Circle” trilogy (Black, Red, and White) is an apocalyptic, spellbinding thriller set 2000 years in the future. Earth as we know it has been destroyed. Thomas Hunter, who time-traveled to the future, discovers that his son has joined up with the dark forces. Verdict: Dekker continues to write shocking stories that revolve around the war between good and evil in our hearts. His myriad fans will want this suspenseful, larger-than-life visionary novel, which will also appeal to readers who enjoy Dean Koontz and Stephen King.”

UPDATE (9/2/09):  The Circle’s own living_aLOUD (Sara) posted her review here

Also, Chris Jager, fiction buyer for Baker Book House posted this review

Karri Compton, one of the Circle’s beloved moderators, posted her review here.

These reviews are all spoiler-free. So, if you have yet to get your lucky paws on a copy of Green, feel free to indulge in these teasers.

Stay tuned to this blog as it is updated with more reviews as we get them.

Circle GN

Thought I’d share this with you guys, since I got pretty excited when I found this. The art here just looks so epic and definitely gets me pumped for Green! :D So, this is the cover for the collected hardcover of the Black, Red, and White graphic novels, and it comes out in December. You can preorder it at Amazon now though. Just click here.

Now, all we have to do is wait for that Green GN.

By the way, maybe this is old news, but there’s a paperback version of Kiss out too. Here.

I now present to you…

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I now present my latest project, titled “Full Circle”. Concept credits go to me (Brandon “Phenomenal” V.). Photo credits go to me and Esther “Pebbles” C. Photomanipulation credits go to Esther “Pebbles” C.

If you’ve read the Books of History Chronicles, then you know what happens when you cut your finger and touch your hand to a Book…

It is our pleasure to bring you an exclusive review of GREEN, by the Circle’s beloved Andrew Asdell, also know to some of you as Chandor. You read it here first!

Round and Round We Go
An early review of Ted Dekker’s Green by Andrew Asdell

Ted Dekker’s latest fantasy thriller, Green, is referred to as “The Beginning and the End.” It’s been over 5 years since fans first answered the call to “Dive Deep” into an alternate reality where the spiritual has been made clear and evil is as plain as the scabs on your skin.

Fans of Dekker’s work are surely familiar with the question “How does this tie in to the rest of his books?” Over the past 5 years, more novels than not have been intertwined into this bigger story called the “Books of History Chronicles”. The Circle Series, Lost Books, and Paradise Novels tell the story of humanity through the lens of extraordinary books that have the power to create history. In essence, “The Word is made Flesh”. With The Books of History Chronicles now including upwards of 15 novels, the larger story has surpassed epic status. Thousands of Ted’s avid readers have been swept into his writing through one of these books. This makes Green his most anticipated novel to date.

Green finds the Circle in a desperate place, 10 years since their Savior has last been seen. Many within Elyon’s band of rebels have begun to doubt their core beliefs and practices. How do you love and follow a God that seems distant? Is He truly in control when your world seems in chaos? Dekker poses these age old questions in a fresh light by examining them through the eyes of the Circle.

Amidst such deep theological questions, there is still fun to be had. A fast-placed plot full of betrayal, reality-hopping, battles, and hand-to-hand combat serve as the backdrop for the bigger themes of the story. Dekker knows how to balance thought-provoking concepts with non-stop action. After over 2 dozen novels, Ted has it down to an art, and it shows in this latest adventure.

Green reads as a fitting end, or perhaps a beginning, to Ted’s signature series. This is must-read fiction for all fans of Dekker. The Circle has proven to be one of the most moving, yet relevant, allegories of all time, and Green lives up to the series in which it belongs. Green reads as both the finale, yet also the prequel to the 2004 masterpieces, BlackRed, and White.

Expertly tying in loose story threads from the Paradise Novels and Lost Books, Dekker weaves a truly satisfying conclusion to the series that has spawned a thousand conversations and ignited countless fans to fall deep in love with their Creator.

Just what is . . .

forestguard.png picture by mister_phenomenal

In Ted Dekker’s Circle Series, the Forest Guard are the armed forces that defend the Forest Dwellers from the diseased Horde. They are lovers and fighters. Elyon’s chosen. Now, in the year 2009, the Forest Guard gathers again, not to battle Scabs, but for a greater cause: to celebrate and let all know . . . of Green. The color of intoxicating pleasure, the lakes that Elyon so lovingly gave us–yes, Green!

“We used to call it a street team, but truth be told, the Forest Guard is more like a tribe that’s a bit on the unbalanced side. You’d have to be able to stare down the Horde, right? But whatever you want to call it, the Forest Guard is alive and well. We are passionate about stories that move us, and about sharing those stories with others.”

–Ted Dekker newsletter

September 1st marks the date Green, the beginning and the end of the beloved Circle Series, hits bookstores, and the Forest Guard is going to do everything we can to get the word out. Want to help? Just head on over to forestguard.teddekker.com, and sign up. But do it fast, because registration ends July 31st.

We are the 3000! We are the Circle! We are the Forest Guard!

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