I know it’s been a very long hiatus, but not much has been going on besides the announcement of the Gathering ’10 in the Dekkerverse. But I decided to stop by to give you an excerpt of the much anticipated Immanuel’s Veins. Merry Christmas to all, and we’ll be back soon as the release of Burn and Tea with Hezbollah nears!

Let me clear up one thing: IV is only VERY loosely connected to BOHC and then only for those who know the BOHC intimately. The book will not advance any knowledge of what happens to Thomas. IV is a stand alone story of great seduction, romance and blood spilling set in the seventeen hundreds in Moldavia.

IV is my first, first person novel, told from the point of view of a famed Russian warrior named Toma. Let me say that this book is not for younger children (under 13) and will undoubtedly cause some alarm, this because it’s a story of unbound love and seduction and some of the pages don’t pretend it’s not. No foul language, heated sex or gratuitous violence, at least no more than Song of Solomon or Exodus. But, yeah, some are bound to object as they might with any of my novels.” –Ted Dekker

Here is the first page (a letter) and the first two paragraphs of chapter one:

To All Who Have Ears to Hear:

I am dead. But perhaps you are as well, if you can read this account penned by a dead man.

I, Saint Thomas of Moldavia, make known this report of all that transpired so that any who seek the truth will know what happened.

Some called me a heretic. They said that my dealing with the matters herein could only mean that I was touched by the devil himself. Some said that I was a creature of the night, a dragon, a beast turned into man. Some said that I was mad, and I will attest that I myself once would have believed that this tale could only come from the mind of a raving lunatic.

But I swear by my very own blood that I am neither devil nor beast and that this is not the tale of a lunatic—unless by love I have been driven hopelessly mad, a reasoning that tempts me more often than I dare admit. Judge it for yourself.

I implore you to open your hearts and your minds to this account. Then, when you have turned the last page, if you still do not believe that what you have read is true, you may say that I deserved my death.

Saint Thomas
Lover of his bride

Chapter One

MY NAME IS Toma Nicolescu and I was a warrior, a servant of Her Majesty, the empress of Russia, Catherine the Great, who by her own hand and tender heart sent me on that mission at the urging of her most trusted adviser Grigory Potyomkin in the year of our Lord 1772.

It was a year of war, this one the Russo-Turkish war, one of so many with the Ottoman Empire. I had slain the enemy with more ambition than most in the humble service of the empress, or so it has been said, and having earned Her Majesty’s complete trust in my loyalty and skill, I was dispatched by her to the south and east, through Ukraine to the principality of Moldavia, just north of the Black Sea, to the country estate of the Cantemir family nestled up against the base of the Carpathian Mountains.


Welcome back, AdDekkts. Thanks for baring with us through that brief hiatus, as we regained our momentum and picked ourselves up. We’re currently looking into some new options and features for the blog that you’ll hopefully enjoy!

This Music Monday we bring you the awesomely zany antics of  David Crowder*Band in a music video featuring a war with squirrels!

Crowder and the band have been revolutionizing the worship scene since ’98 and continue to do so with their latest album, “Church Music.” Head out and grab your copy!

Dekkies, you may have noticed a slight lag in blogging over the past week or two, and we’re completely sorry about that. Blogging is harder than it looks, and we are definitely worn out! So bare with us as we go on hiatus for the following days, and if you have anything you’d like to share on here while we’re gone, then just email us at ScribesofOE@gmail.com.

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Elyon’s Strength,

Before I read Green, my favorite color was red. Now I’m not so sure…


Green is Ted’s latest offering in the Books of History Chronicles, wrapping up loose ends from the original Circle trilogy, the Paradise Novels, and the Lost Books. It is the beginning and the end. A tale full of blood, war, and intoxicating love. It may sound like an 0xy-moron, but Ted manages to pull it off with the usual heart-stomping Dekker signature.

Some may argue about how dark the story is, or how some plot elements just don’t work, or how many theological problems may pop up here and there. But I think that they’ve lost the meaning of this piece of art in translation.

At the heart of this novel are the elegantly-sung words, “You are beautiful… So beautiful… Beautiful.” This novel encapsulates that theme, even in the most hopeless of times, and Dekker brings to light his most soul-wrenching, ambitous story to date. Pick up your copy as soon as you can, and open your eyes to the world of colors, where even the smallest soul is at the largest stake.

For more reviews of Green, click here. And check out Ted’s latest flash fiction posted today on his Facebook, “The Gunslinger”! Also, you can now subscribe to the blog by email! Just click here and put your email in. If you have any other suggestions, just shoot us an email at ScribesofOE@gmail.com.

Kiss Away the Pain

There are defining moments in every person’s life, whether it be the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one, or a beautiful wedding. We center every part of our being around these few scarce incidents and build our lives–past, present, and future–around them…

Everybody has a past, and it’s something you can’t exactly erase from existence. That one small mistake that turned out much larger. Those kids that used to make fun of you in high school. The divorce of your parents. It can all build up and eat us up, from the inside-out, destroying the very fiber of who we are and who we were created to be. We can choose the pain of those things that tore through our lives like a tornado . . . Or we can choose perspective. “Pain or perspective.”

You choose pain–you choose to fight it, deny it, bury it…”

You may grapple and wrestle and tear apart those actions in your mind, piece-by-piece, but it will bring you no good. No matter how much you may deny what has happened it will always continue to stay the same. The past doesn’t change. Bury it alive, but it’ll come back from the grave to haunt you one day. And you . . . you will always carry the burden, the pain, and your life will slowly deteriorate, hopeless and alone.

But you choose perspective–embrace your history, give it credit for the better person it can make you, scars and all.”

Breathe in. You are still alive, aren’t you? You may bear the scars of times past, but you have been granted something greater than any tragedy can take from you. Life. Embrace your history, and dance with your Creator, for He has given you another chance, another day, to change things and make the future so much brighter. Learn from the mistakes, and don’t bear the pain already bore for you. You can become a better person now.

Laugh. Smile. Live. Look through the glass of perspective, not pain.

He wants you to remember who delivered you from that time . . . That’s the point of holding onto that memory: delivery, not darkness.” –Ted Dekker, Kiss

Today The Forest Guard Chronicles is pleased to present you the first in a very special series, Confessions of an AdDekkt. If you are reading this, you are most likely an AdDekkt, also. We hope through these honest, open essays you are able to come to terms with your problem and take the necessary steps to breaking this habit. Dive deep.

Admitting Your Problem

My name is Phenomenal, and I have a problem. You see, I’m a story junkie. I love a good novel, whether it be fantasy or mystery or suspense. But I receive no greater thrill than feeling the pages of a Dekker novel gliding between my fingers, my mind absorbing every single word and sentence. I’m addicted, I admit. It takes alot for me to openly admit it, but I AM a Dekker addict. But first, allow me tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born a Blessed Child in Paradise, CO, but I was Chosen and have grown into a Man Called Blessed. I count in Thr3e‘s and I view the world in four colors (Black, Red, White, and Green). My life occurs in the Blink of an Eye and I am trapped within my own Skin. I sing The Martyr’s Song, and I cry When Heaven Weeps. Some call me a Lunatic. Others call me Infidel. I say I’m just Obsessed. Things may be worse than Chaos, heavier than Thunder of Heaven, in my life but I hold onto my Savior, Elyon, and I dwell in His House. I’m no Saint. I know I’m a Sinner, but I’ll never go Renegade. Heaven’s Wager is on my soul, as well as yours, and the Showdown nears… (Did I mention I’ve never Kissed a guy named Adam, and my sister is BoneMan’s Daughter? ;P)

Now that you know about me, I can tell you about this spiral into adDekktion I find myself in now. It all started a few years back when I decided to pick up a book called House. I had read some of Peretti’s stuff since I was in fifth grade and I really enjoyed his stuff, so I took a gamble at this co-authored book. It was decent. That led to picking up the book Thr3e for a dollar. Ironically, I got much more than 3-for-1. Then one of my teachers in high school at that time, who happened to also be an AdDekkt, gave me Showdown as a gift randomly. It’s all History from there, quite literally.

Skip a year or four, now I have an entire blog devoted to the Man Behind the Mask. I also have a secret shrine devoted to him that nobody’s supposed to know about… *cough cough*

Photo0026.jpg picture by mister_phenomenal

Photo0029.jpg picture by mister_phenomenal

I see Roush and Shataiki around every corner. I tremble in the presence of Noxzema. And I attack anybody in a black trench coat, fearing they may be Marsuvees Black.

I drink Green Water, a much better alternative to soda, milk, or even regular water. Sometimes I like to trip on Grace Juice too.

I made flyers and voted for Ted in a student-body election at my school.

100_0790.jpg picture by mister_phenomenal

I even have my own Book of History I stole from David Abraham. In fact, I almost made it to Other-Earth.

See, these are just some of the few signs that led me to believe I was an AdDekkt. I, like you, was in denial at first, but I have come to understand the nature of this unnatural thirst for all things Dekker. Now is the time for you to take your first step toward recovery and openly admit you’re an AdDekkt. Leave a comment or email us at ScribesofOE@gmail.com, telling us about your adDekktion. We might even feature it on the blog.

Stay tuned for the continuation of the Confession series next Wednesday!

Today the Forest Guard Chronicles brings you an exclusive Ted-Inspired work from Justin Buus, also known to some of you as NinjArtist on the Circle. Yes, he is a ninja AND an artist. And now I present to you . . .


Amazing, no? You can click here for a larger version of the image, or you can click here for an alternate version with the poem from Showdown on it.

If you want to see more of Justin’s work, including a sneak preview at his graphic novel-in-progress Holy Darkness, you can visit his Circle page. Here’s another of my favorite pieces of his.

Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment. And if you have anything you want to be featured on this blog, shoot us an email at ScribesofOE@gmail.com. :)

(Updated with links to the larger/alternate versions now! Sorry about that.)