In order to continue this “Green Week” thing Phen and I have got going, this week’s edition of Thoughtful Thursdays takes a look at a quote from one of my favorite scenes in the novel.  If you haven’t read Green, you may not want to read this post, but I edited the quote down to ensure that any spoilers are VERY minimal.


Ted Dekker, Green, p. 325

It is important to know for context of this quote that Thomas is experiencing an intimate moment with Elyon after a whole 300 pages of difficult times and frustration.  He’d been so focused on all the hang-ups of the here and now, that to even glimpse Elyon’s presence anywhere was becoming increasingly difficult.

Finally, though, Thomas gets the chance to commune with Elyon in a way he hasn’t done since the green waters of Black.  In this intimate moment, Thomas holds the boy’s hand and, for the first time in a very long time, he feels at peace.  All the cares of the last few days and the last 10 years, utterly vanish as he experiences the presence of his Creator.

I don’t know about you, but this is something I need to be reminded of constantly.  This truth that no matter what I’m going through or how far I’ve strayed from my God, He loves me unconditionally, and simply wants to be with me.  And just resting with my Abba, with my Creator, with my Comforter is enough to satiate all of my needs and desires.

For all the times I’ve turned my back on God and then blamed Him for not being present, I need to remember this.

For all the times I’ve tried to gain fulfillment through idols and selfish pursuits, I need to remember this.

For all the times I’ve lived life as if I have everything under control, I need to remember this.

Remembrance.  It’s the chord that this quote struck in my heart as tears welled up in my eyes.  The Israelites were asked to remember their stay in Egypt and the exodus that only came from God’s rescue.  The church has likewise been asked to remember the death, sacrifice, and resurrection of their Savior.

That’s why I love taking communion.  No matter where I am or what form the communion takes, I’m always forced to pause and remember.

Therefore, I think it only appropriate to end with another quote by a guy much more famous than Ted.

“Do this in remembrance of me” – Jesus