Some of you know that I work at a Christian bookstore.  With the release of Green, came the opportunity to create a display that would be eye-catching and creative.

My coworker, Jeanne, and I tasked ourselves with this project.  What resulted (which is 99% Jeanne’s work) was nothing short of unique.



greendisplay3We took a round, glass table (the only part that was my idea) and added 4 patches of fabric to it that corresponded to the 4 novels.  What you can’t see in the pictures is that the green fabric actually “circles” around the back half of the table to rejoin with the black piece of cloth.

It was also Jeanne’s idea to have the books get progressively higher off of the table.  Red sits a little higher than Black and so on.  As Green reaches it’s highest level at the back of the table, it starts cascading back down to lead into Black.  Symbolic, huh?

The other touch was to put the boxed set right in the middle propped up by more copies of Green.

Once again, credit to Jeanne.  I just helped her execute her awesome idea.

So, what do you think?  Have you run into any other creative displays in your shopping for Green?  Phen and I would love to put up pics of other things that have been done with Green (whether at home or in stores). E-mail us anything you have: