Here are some of the Green reviews that we have compiled up until this point.  We will continue to update this post as more reviews come in.  If you have a review you’d like to share with us, please e-mail me @
The VERY first review of Green posted anywhere on the Internet was this one and we had it here first.

Fiction Addict posted their own review here.

The Christian Manifesto gave their take on it here.

Library Journal had this to say:

“Dekker’s prequel/sequel to his “Circle” trilogy (Black, Red, and White) is an apocalyptic, spellbinding thriller set 2000 years in the future. Earth as we know it has been destroyed. Thomas Hunter, who time-traveled to the future, discovers that his son has joined up with the dark forces. Verdict: Dekker continues to write shocking stories that revolve around the war between good and evil in our hearts. His myriad fans will want this suspenseful, larger-than-life visionary novel, which will also appeal to readers who enjoy Dean Koontz and Stephen King.”

UPDATE (9/2/09):  The Circle’s own living_aLOUD (Sara) posted her review here

Also, Chris Jager, fiction buyer for Baker Book House posted this review

Karri Compton, one of the Circle’s beloved moderators, posted her review here.

These reviews are all spoiler-free. So, if you have yet to get your lucky paws on a copy of Green, feel free to indulge in these teasers.

Stay tuned to this blog as it is updated with more reviews as we get them.