What’s trippin’, Circle peeps? Well, this week has been the penultimate week, all leading up to the release of Green, so we have a few morsels for you. Enjoy!

FACEBOOK: Ted has updated quite a few times over the week. Hear what he has to say.

“So many questions, many had me chuckling. I want to answer them all! I want to take each of you aside and tell you what you want to know. But this time only one unlocks my mind. 327. The question and my answer is in the comments, near the end of the questions. I give you an answer that will upset some. But that’s how it will always be in our Underground.

The number 327 has opened my mind. JoAnn asks what advice I would give to a couple struggling to show love to each other.

I give you an answer that will earn me hate mail from some. Many have been deceived.

Love is not Choice. It is “A profound, tender, passionate affection for another.” The choice is to love, not love itself.

When you love a baby, it’s your tender words and kisses that positively shapes the child, not just the choice you make to care for it. The latter might raise only a monster, perhaps there are a few living on this page.

Find love, then show it. CHOOSE to fall in love again! Love as you would like to be loved, as Jesus says.

Choose to turn your heart to that other and then begin a search for the emotion that draws you to them. You could indeed love a monster if you CHOSE to. Find that attraction for your lover. Now express that love in extravagant ways that rewards it.

The baby smiles at the smile, not your decision to smile.

Now, love the world.”
Ted Dekker, via Facebook

“I have chosen you; You have chosen me; We are both chosen. The question remains which image should now be chosen: A, B, or C? Speak now, be heard.”




Ted later said the first was chosen. Looks like there will be new versions of the Lost Books coming out soon!

“As we get to know each other in this Underground, it becomes plain that some of you don’t know me at all. Bob Bloop (name changed) writes that my use of numbers and gaming here is unlike me and pretentious. So not true. Who am I? To own or not. Which do you think is me today, A, B or C?

The consensus is correct. I do have a Harley in my garage. On four wheels, I drive a BMW M6. You know me better that most. So then the publisher has agreed to go with your choice of cover for Chosen as well–the first, which sets the theme for all six in the series. Thank you for speaking. You have been heard.”
Ted, via Facebook

“So… GREEN is available Tuesday everywhere. And I will be available no where. I will lock the door on that secret room and allow only the butler in with food and drink for seven days. I will have to become obsessed. Now we will see who is alive. Have you ever been obsessed about something? (Y or N) Then who or what? Let this be your living confession. Be heard or be dead.”
Ted Dekker, via Facebook

GREEN: There are quite a few more reviews out there now that we’re only two days away from Green‘s release. You can check out Fiction Addict’s review here, by Jake Chism. And you can find The Christian Manifesto’s review here, by Matthew Robbins. I can totally assure you that those two reviews are spoiler-free. You can also find some reviews on Green‘s Amazon page here. But beware of spoilers.

Also, Ted has posted a thread on the Circle regarding some concerns several have had after reading Green. Here and here. There’s some more good discussion of all things BoH-related floating around their too, so check it out. BEWARE OF MAJOR SPOILERS THOUGH. I’ve had most of Green spoiled for me just by perusing some threads and sites for news.

Tea with Hezbollah: Ted’s next non-fiction book, about his trip last year to the Middle East with Carl Medearis, is set to release January 26, 2010, and you can now preorder it on Amazon here. The cover art is up too.

Kudos to Andrew for uncovering that. You can also preorder Burn from Amazon too, by the way, if you didn’t know. Here.

BLOG: Well, if you haven’t noticed, Andrew and I brainstormed a bit, and we came up with this new weekly format for the blog, to better involve you and deliver you more content. Here’s this week’s recap.

Music Mondays: “Jamboree” – John Reuben
Ted- Inspired Tuesdays: “Sinner” by Aleena Korell
Wacky Wednesdays: “Mask” comic strip by Brandon “Phen” V (me)
Thoughtful Thursdays: “Writing, Discovery, and Grace Juice” by me
First-Look Fridays: “Awake by Skillet” Review by Andrew “Chandor” A.

Hope you enjoyed! And stay tuned this week for even more content, exclusive to the Forest Guard Chronicles.


And don’t forget to run out and buy your copy of Green on Tuesday!