Awake by Skillet
Awake – Skillet

Skillet?  Funny name for a band.  That’s what most people say when they first hear about this rock group that has been making music for over 12 years.  As a well-established band in the Christian rock genre, Skillet has undergone many changes in sound and members.  This album marks the first studio release with new drummer, Jen Ledger.

Fans of Skillet have waited patiently for almost 3 years for the follow-up to the wildly popular Comatose album. Awake continues along the musical trail that Skillet has been blazing.  By combining the melodic undertones from many of the Comatose hits with the slightly harder sounds of some of their earlier albums, Skillet has found a great balance.

Anyone who witnessed the phenomenal live CD/DVD that the band put out last year already knows that new member Jen Ledger has a beautiful voice, but on Awake she really has the chance to showcase just how great it sounds.  Jen is featured on “Hero” and “Awake and Alive”, two of the album’s most memorable tracks.

This is one of those albums where it’s far better to just get the whole thing rather than download select songs.  The flow from track to track is something I always look for in an album, and I prefer a well-rounded disc over a random mix of 10 “radio hits” one right after another.  This album definitely falls into the former.

Overall I give the album 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Check them out at  Their album is now available at your local music stores, Christian bookstores, and for online download.