It’s my pleasure to bring to you one of this blog’s features I’m most excited about. Every Thursday we’ll bring you one of Ted’s deepest, most profound quotes and elaborate on it in our own thoughts and musings. Here’s one from Showdown. Enjoy. Leave a comment.

Showdown quote

1. Write to discover.

If you are a writer, then you know how it feels to put the pencil to paper and pour all your creativity and heart onto that page. It’s a discovery process. I know that while writing some of my own works I have found out a lot about myself, just through my own characters and scenes. When you’re writing, you’re taking that journey too. Sure, you are in control of the actions taken throughout the book, but in the end, you are never certain of what you may truly discover.

Discover – to see, get knowledge of, learn of, find, or find out; gain sight or knowledge of (something previously unseen or unknown)

2. There is no greater discovery than love.

Discovery is beautiful. It is truly breathtaking when you find yourself on the verge of darkness and confusion, and there, in the midst of all pain, blossoms understanding and love. What is greater than this? Surely, there can be nothing worth more than discovering love and hope. No worms or Grace Juice can compare. Who would want to end their story with a discovery of nothing but death and hatred? What satisfaction would you find in it?

3. All love comes from the Creator.

So, if the greatest discovery is love, and all love comes from the Creator, Elyon, then when you discover, you are finding Him. Let’s apply this to our definition of discover.

Discover – to see love and our Creator, get knowledge of love and our Creator, learn of love and our Creator, find love and our Creator, or find out about love and our Creator; gain sight or knowledge of love and our Creator (something previously unseen or unknown)

4. Write what you will.

We have creative freedom to write what we please, to explore all the questions that may plague our minds and all the dark corners in man’s heart. In the end, though, we will discover. So, don’t be afraid to write what’s on your mind. You may just end up making the greatest discovery.

The rules reflected the students’ purpose in their studies, certainly, but even more so in their lives as a whole. They were often encouraged to substitute the word live for the word write. Live to discover, as long as discovery leads to a love from the Creator.”
Ted Dekker, Showdown

Live to discover, as long as discovery leads to a love from the Creator.