Hello again, Dekkies! Not too much news this week, except for those lucky few who have already begun to get their hands on . . .

GREEN: There have been many and few reports of Green being found in bookstores, mostly as part of the complete Circle Series set that runs from about 45 to 70 dollars. You buy it now at Amazon, and get your hands on Green ASAP! Also, Kevin Kaiser will be giving away four copies on Monday via his blog, which you can find here. Plus, Michael Hyatt will be giving away fifteen copies of the complete Circle Series boxset on Monday via his blog, which you can find here. So stay tuned in for your chance to get your hands on one of these babies! :D Plus, hear what CBA Retailers + Resources have to say about Green.

“Green takes readers on an epic adventure of two worlds connected by one man named Thomas Hunter. … Moving at breakneck speeds, Green not only captivates readers with its fictional civilization set 2,000 years in the future, but it also creatively exposes this present world’s broken relationship with its ever-loving Creator. … the resulting saga is one that draws readers deep into another realm, causing them to forget they’re actually reading a book.

CONTEST: Earlier this month, I announced a GREENisms Contest, but only two people have actually submitted entries. Since I can’t choose between just two people, I will be postponing this contest, and I will have some sort of giveaway in September instead.

FOREST GUARD: Special Mission 2 has launched, with a limited space of only 500 people allowed to partake in it. The goal is to put up posters anywhere and everywhere (as long as it’s legal, that is), as creatively and awesomely as you can! This mission ends on the 30th.

THE UNDERGROUND: Ted has been doing some pretty cool stuff on his Facebook fan page, posting bits of flash fiction. Here’s what’s been posted so far.


The Parable of the Deaf Mute and the People Sitting in the Dungeon About To Be Crushed

“In our Underground we all now sit by candle light, waiting for the far off door to open. A deaf mute comes in and reaches for the switch, not realizing the switch will detonate a bomb and crush us all to a bloody pulp. I am your leader, I have a gun, and I am an incredible shot. Should I A) shoot him dead before he hits the switch, or B) lower my weapon and let us all be crushed? Help me write this story, all of you.

Let’s get to know each other, shall we? When I say A or B, it’s because there is no C or D or X. I don’t have time to explain but I CAN’T shoot his hand. Trust me. If you want play in my Underground, you will do it with this understanding. And if you are unruly I will send you to the corner for while. But I will run to you and beg you to rejoin and play, because I love you desperately. Understood? Y or N (no C).

So now you know how we play in this Underground. It is dangerous. It is full of life. Now the meaning: In this parable the deaf mute is not the enemy, but the ignorance which neither speaks our language nor understands us. That force which threatens to crush us before we begin. It must be discouraged with a bullet to the head. Don’t allow politics nor religion nor any form of ignorance crush you. More soon…

Welcome to the world of story :-) Think about Jesus’ response to politics, religion and ignorance. Yes, that was 2000 years ago, but doesn’t his message still matter today? Seek and you shall find. Open your eyes and you will see. And remember… IT’S A PARABLE. So tell me what this piece of flash fiction means to you. What in your life needs to be shot in the head?” –Ted Dekker, via Facebook

Parable of the Superhero and Lover

“Alone in our Underground you come to two hallways leading to two rooms; you must enter one. On the right, a high tech room with BatMan and other superhero suits that will give you physical abilities beyond imagination. But only physical. To the left, a red elixir which makes you irresistible to and loved by any you choose–the charm and seduction of a vampire. R is for Superhero. L is for Love. Which do you chose?

Perhaps your thinking is too narrow, my friends. Did I say love was romance? I choose L for love and then I walk among all you superheroes or the halls of any government and own your heart instantly. Now I command you too because the heart is stronger than might. Fear not, together we will set all things right, my BatMans and I. Will you then chose Love over might to save this world? Yes or No? Tell me.

You see now we are getting to know each other, dear lovers and fighters. Bravo to you all. But I want to know more about you. And I will know you more by what you ask me. Ask me then about myself, any question, no matter how trivial. A certain number unlocks the door to my mind. That one, if reached, will be answered. So ask and I will tell.”
Ted Dekker, via Facebook

Well, hope that whet your appetite until you can get your hands on Green. :) Come back next week for more news. And if you haven’t already, then check out my advertisement for Ted Dekker’s Green Water!