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Well, it’s time for your weekly fix of Dekker news, so here goes it.

Facebook: If you follow Ted on his social networking sites, then you probably know he’s moved all his activity to his Fan Page, which can be found here. In an introduction to this change, Ted wrote on Facebook:

“Welcome friends and lovers to the second underground. This place were gunslingers make women tremble and women make men swoon and all that is unknown is seen through the glass. To all those from the other world, (or in this case the other facebook page) welcome to my world. Here you will be heard and loved. More soon…”

Also, Saturday’s Dekker newsletter provided an interesting take on this whole Facebook ordeal:

Officials Fear What This Means for Social Media | AUSTIN, TX, August 15

CHAOS REIGNED in the online world yesterday when NY Times Best-selling author Ted Dekker abandoned his personal profile on Facebook, the popular social networking site.

The move clogged international newswires and stirred up immediate virtual chatter on blogs, Twitter, and one small online auction site in Indonesia where the news seemed almost expected. One online merchant known by the “handle” GABIL247 posted: “The ‘he’s gone crazy’ rumor’s probably true. I’m not surprised. I always warned him about running through the jungles barefoot. This is what happens. Worms get in through your skin and lay eggs in your brain.”

By 4:00p CT, early speculation swirled that Dekker, a fiction author who reportedly writes 22 hours a day and lives off a steady diet of Rockstar energy drinks delivered intravenously, had immersed himself so deeply into his own world that he had gone mad and forgotten who he was. Another story surfaced that, moments before calling police to report his disappearance, Dekker’s wife had discovered an old book laying open on his desk, the page smeared with a bloody fingerprint and the words “Other Earth is real” written across the top.

Concerned by the direction of the publicity Kevin Kaiser, Dekker’s manager at Creative Trust, released this statement:

“It has come to our attention that Mr. Dekker’s decision to close his personal Facebook profile to focus on the Facebook Fan Page has generated some inaccurate information on the web about his well being. I can confirm unequivocally that Mr. Dekker is indeed alive and that he does not have parasites eating his brain. Mr. Dekker has had two Facebook profiles for quite awhile: his personal page and a public Fan Page. Because the vast majority of his fans hang out on the Fan Page ( he made the decision to focus all of his time there. Now when friends and fans search for him on Facebook, they will find him at”

Following the release of Kaiser’s statement, Mr. Dekker released a personal statement effectively confirming that he was not in fact dead. He had been “locked away” writing his next title, Immanuel’s Veins, and had been unaware of the controversy.

Fans and interested onlookers can access now access Mr. Dekker’s Facebook fan page, which has nearly doubled in population since April, by going to Once on they page, they simply need to click the “BECOME A FAN” icon.

Well, there you go. Ted is NOT dead. I repeat, Ted is NOT dead.

Forest Guard: Things are still going stronger than ever. Special Mission 1 (Online Advertising) finishes tomorrow, and Special Mission 2 will soon be ushered in. Also, according to the newsletter sent out, almost 10,000 people have joined the ranks of the Forest Guard. Great job guys! Keep it up. Elyon’s strength and all that jazz. ;D

GREEN: A review from Library Journal has come in! Check it out.

“Dekker’s prequel/sequel to his “Circle” trilogy (Black, Red, and White) is an apocalyptic, spellbinding thriller set 2000 years in the future. Earth as we know it has been destroyed. Thomas Hunter, who time-traveled to the future, discovers that his son has joined up with the dark forces. Verdict: Dekker continues to write shocking stories that revolve around the war between good and evil in our hearts. His myriad fans will want this suspenseful, larger-than-life visionary novel, which will also appeal to readers who enjoy Dean Koontz and Stephen King.”

Reports are that if you ordered the boxed set of Circle Series hardcovers from, they’re shipping already. So, I suggest for all that have preordered this set, go camp out by your mailboxes for a couple days!

One more thing. The GREEN reading group guide has been posted online by Thomas Nelson. But I warn you of MAJOR SPOILERS for those who dare peek. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You are clicking this at your own will. So, here it is.

Other: Ted dropped another little hint on his Facebook about the ever-elusive Immanuel’s Veins .

“Ted Dekker is hooked up to an IV. Howling at the moon. Love sick. This one is raw and beautiful. That’s how writing Immanuel’s Veins is for me.”

Beautiful, no? By the way, check out Kevin Kaiser’s (“Ted’s guy at Creative Trust”) blog if you haven’t already. Really great content on there.

NEWSFLASH: Ted needs your help writing the next piece of this story. Go to his Facebook, and help him decide what to do! Ted writes:

“In our Underground we all now sit by candle light, waiting for the far off door to open. A deaf mute comes in and reaches for the switch, not realizing the switch will detonate a bomb and crush us all to a bloody pulp. I am your leader, I have a gun, and I am an incredible shot. Should I A) shoot him dead before he hits the switch, or B) lower my weapon and let us all be crushed? Help me write this story, all of you.”

Well, that’s all for this week’s TDT. Come back next week for more news. :) And don’t forget about the GREEN contest I’m holding on this blog, or to check out my latest project, “Full Circle”.