Sorry for this slight intermission in Ted Dekker news, but I will be posting reviews and news on other books/music/movies here from time to time. And now, I’d like to take a second to tell you about one my favorite author’s second book in his Jerusalem’s Undead Trilogy, Haunt of Jackals.


Beyond Ordinary Vampire Fiction

“Haunt of Jackals” is Eric’s second book in his Jerusalem’s Undead Trilogy. The first time I heard of this series I was told that it was going to be a “Christian vampire series.” “Haunt of Jackals” definitely proves this wrong and continues the trilogy, as well as Eric’s Senses series, in an amazing, mind-blowing way.

I say that this supposed “vampire series” is beyond any ordinary vampire fiction, because it’s no “Twilight,” for one thing (and for that I am eternally grateful), and in Haunt of Jackals, the vampires become so evolved beyond the usual vampire stereotype and are even more vile, disgusting, and evil than any Dracula, or Edward Cullen for that matter. You even get another figure from mythical lore that was quite a treat to read. (Hint: Starts with a were and ends with a wolf.)

These aren’t vampires we’re dealing with here. These are Jerusalem’s Undead.

Another thing is that you may mistake this book as “Christian fiction,” when in reality, it’s nowhere near that label. Even though you may have found it in the Religous/Christian section, hidden among the Jenkins novels and other preachy, distasteful books, it’s something anybody from any walk can enjoy. Yet it is a strong tale of the light versus the darkness, of hate attempting to destroy love, of thorns and sins, of faith and hope, and, of course, of the Nazarene’s Blood.

It’s about the Nistarim–thirty-six individuals who bear the weight of the world–and the Akeldama Collectors who will do anything to bring them down and usher forth Final Vengeance. The writing is superb. The characters are dynamic and realistic. And the action is so epic that it would put to shame some of Hollywood’s big-budgeted, explosion-filled blockbusters.

Also, if you’ve read Eric’s earlier novels, you will be pleased to know there are plenty of connections in “Haunt of Jackals,” and some mysteries are starting to slowly become clearer. Actually, some things are revealed that will make you want to go back to Eric’s novel “Expiration Date” and read it with a fresh, different perspective on some things.

All in all, “Haunt of Jackals” deserves far more than five simple stars. So, give it a chance. Enter the vivid, beautiful world Eric has created, and follow Gina, Cal, and Dov on their latest adventure.

The Nazarene Blood prevails!


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