It’s been awhile, Dekkies, and I’m sorry for that. But, good for you, I’m back with a whole slew of Dekker news that I’m sure you’ll be salivating over by the end of this blog. First of all, you just might be wondering what our friendly neighborhood Ted has been up to.

Immanuel’s Veins: According to Kevin Kaiser’s blog, Ted just started writing it on Monday. If you haven’t heard of IV, it’s supposedly the book that tells how all this Books of History business started.

“I may be doing another story that reaches one tendril into BOHC. You may not even get the connection. It will be completely new and different, new characters, plot, device and in fact only ties in to BOHC as it relates to this question:

How did they come to be?

Green and the Blood Books will make my direction clear, but let me just say, for years now the whole BoHC (though not named as such until recently) has in part been written as a distant back story for another story that I’ve been carefully planning all along. It will be a whole new era in my writing life, you’ll see
.” –Ted Dekker,via the old forum

“To answer a few questions: Yes, I really am Ted Dekker. I do love Muse. I am about to begin work on the novel for which the Books of History Chronicles are back story (Immanuel’s Veins?)” —Ted Dekker, via Facebook

“Ted Dekker is thinking about IV. And the Blood Book which you will be introduced to in Green (45 days from now.) IV = Immanuel’s Veins. There is a fountain filled with blood, drawn from Immanuel’s Veins. IV doesn’t come out till next year, but I could use one now…” –Ted Dekker, via Facebook

“Just read the ideas that are incubating for Immanuel’s Veins. Gothic in texture but definitely a love story. Should be fun.” —Kevin Kaiser, via Twitter

“Get it? IV…intravenous…oh, never mind. The story is mostly developed and Mr. D is chomping at the bit to get going. I haven’t seen him this excited about a story for awhile, like since the last book.” —Kevin Kaiser, via his blog

“Ted started writing it on Monday. IV is taking him longer than normal to get into because he’s really researching the historical context of the story (it happens in the 1500’s). But he’s amped and it’s going to be great. Interesting side note: to get into the mood he painted his fingernails black. They’ll stay that way until the novel is done. I saw them this morning on iChat. Looks very cool, actually.” –Kevin Kaiser, via his blog

Interesting, no? If Black, Red, White, Showdown, Saint, Sinner, Skin, House, Chosen, Infidel, Renegade, Chaos, Lunatic, Elyon, and Green were just the setup for this story, then it’ll surely be amazing. I know I’m definitely pumped for this one. I’ll keep everybody updated with the details as the powers-that-be drop more hints and nuggets.

Tea with Hezbollah: This is Ted’s second non-fiction book (the first being Slumber of Christianity) and it’s being published by Doubleday, a division of Random House. It is set to be released on January 26th, 2010.

I’ve gotten lots of questions on this one. Yes, Ted really did travel through the Middle East with a friend of his, and yes they did meet with some of the most influential figures on the planet. The result is a great book that comes out in January 2010 through Harper Collins. We’re designing cover comps and hunting for endorsements right now.” –Kevin Kaiser, via his blog

“There’s been a lot of back and forth on cover concepts and copyediting, but it looks like we’re ready to get galleys out to key influencers for possible endorsements. Those who have read the MS all think TWH is an important book and will probably raise some eyebrows in the media. I agree. I read the first draft MS and realized that we Westerners really don’t know anything about the Middle East. Everyone I know will be reading this book as far as I’m concerned.” —Kevin Kaiser, via his blog

I really enjoyed Ted’s first non-fiction book and all the insight I’ve gained from reading/listening to him. I’m sure there will be plenty more for our minds and hearts to be opened to with TWH.

Burn: I’ve read it already, since Gathering ’09 participants were fortunate enough to receive an ARC, so I won’t say much besides . . . WOW! Kiss was a great story and perfect debut for the Dekker/Healy duo, but Burn just brings up the notch in so many ways. It comes out in January 2010.

Blink of an Eye sequel: It was confirmed at the Gathering ’09 that Ted’s and Erin’s third team-up will be a sequel to one of Ted’s most well-known works. Seeing that Kiss and Burn both revolved around female protagonists, I’m thinking that maybe this book may be more about Miriam than Seth. Or it could be a whole new female character. All I know is that it will probably be epic.

“Next up…reading the outline for the Blink sequel. Strong story. Key theme is the age-old question of why suffering exists in the world.” —Kevin Kaiser, via his Twitter

The Bride Collector: Earlier this year Ted released his first novel with secular publishing house Hatchette, and it was an amazing success, pleasing both longtime fans and newcomers. BoneMan’s Daughters was just the beginning though. Not much information has been released for TBC, but I’m sure it will not disappoint. At this year’s Gathering we were able to squeeze some information from Ted about it.

“The Bride Collector… My next New York Novel (April 2010. Working Title.) Who wants to be loved like a bride? Be careful what you wish for.” —Ted Dekker, via Facebook

Kevin Kaiser also gave a slight sneak peek to the cover via Twitter.


The Blood Book: Another addition to the BoHC, rumors of this one have been flying around for awhile.


Ah, the Blood Book: the lynchpin, the all-important missing corner of the treasure map…the answers to so. many. questions. All I can say is that the story is formed and it will probably  go into production shortly. Notice my choice of words…” –Kevin Kaiser, via his blog

We’re working through the details with the publisher right now. We may get to start production soon. I hope because I’m excited to plug into the creative end of this one.” –Kevin Kaiser, via his blog

“A blood book is a journal filled with drawings and secrets, the KEY to the world of Roush, Shataiki and their connection to this world. You might see it one day.” –Ted Dekker, via Facebook

Also, recently, Ted Dekker and Kevin Kaiser have been searching for professional artists, animators, and such. Intuition tells me that maybe they’re trying to find somebody to illustrate the Blood Book. Or I could be totally wrong.

I’m headed to  SoCal for a couple days to scope out development opps, specifically potential graphic novel partners. I’m also pursuing some animation and gaming possibilities.” –Kevin Kaiser, via his blog

Ted also dropped a few hints about the Blood Book at the Gathering, mainly saying that we’ll find out more about it in Green.

GREEN: There’s so much I could say about this novel right. So many things have been said about it. So many hints, nuggets, previews, videos… Even a whole street team full of passionate people getting the word out about it! There’s only a few weeks left until we can all get our hands on it. To read the story of Thomas Hunter, Billy Rediger, Queen Marsuuv, and, of course, Elyon…

Writer’s Conference: A few weeks ago, there was a poll put up on the Ted Dekker site asking if writers would be interested in a writing school or annual conference or both. The response was immediate. Let’s just hope that maybe one day we’ll be able to attend one of these.

“While I was jotting down early thoughts about the Gathering, I started thinking about how we can better plug into the writers in the TD community. So, I’m looking into the possibility of doing a writer’s conference. This one is on Step 2 of 957, but the thoughts are forming. You’ll probably notice that I posted a poll on asking about it. Over 600 people are interested. We just need to find the best way to do it.” —Kevin Kaiser, via his blog

Other News: Recently on FB, Ted asked his fans what would be the better cover version for the BoneMan’s Daughters Mass Market Paperback. And the scenario played out like this…

“It went like this: 9 AM – in New York a decision has been made, cover A will go to press. 11 AM – Ted goes to his friends on FaceBook and asks for an opinion. 2 PM – Nearly a thousand of you have already made your mark. Heads in New York spin. You have chosen B by a huge margin. 4 PM – the decision is reversed. New York immediately gives the order. PRINT COVER B. Only here, only you. Be heard.” —Ted Dekker, via Facebook

That just goes to show how much Ted values the opinions of his fans! Have a thought, concern, question? Just leave a comment on the blog. I’m sure you’ll be heard. :)


By the way, be sure to visit the blog frequently! There’s going to be contests, news, and great content that you’ll only be able to find here. Tomorrow I’ll be announcing a contest where you just might be able to win a very cool prize…