Just what is . . .

forestguard.png picture by mister_phenomenal

In Ted Dekker’s Circle Series, the Forest Guard are the armed forces that defend the Forest Dwellers from the diseased Horde. They are lovers and fighters. Elyon’s chosen. Now, in the year 2009, the Forest Guard gathers again, not to battle Scabs, but for a greater cause: to celebrate and let all know . . . of Green. The color of intoxicating pleasure, the lakes that Elyon so lovingly gave us–yes, Green!

“We used to call it a street team, but truth be told, the Forest Guard is more like a tribe that’s a bit on the unbalanced side. You’d have to be able to stare down the Horde, right? But whatever you want to call it, the Forest Guard is alive and well. We are passionate about stories that move us, and about sharing those stories with others.”

–Ted Dekker newsletter

September 1st marks the date Green, the beginning and the end of the beloved Circle Series, hits bookstores, and the Forest Guard is going to do everything we can to get the word out. Want to help? Just head on over to forestguard.teddekker.com, and sign up. But do it fast, because registration ends July 31st.

We are the 3000! We are the Circle! We are the Forest Guard!

Elyon’s Strength,